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The Goal

You want to export all records (even a million or more) for a single entity from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or on-premises and load the data into Microsoft Excel.

The Solution

You can use the Configuration Migration tool that’s included in the Dynamics CRM SDK to export the entity data and then import it into Excel.

Process Overview

First, use the Configuration Migration tool to export data for a single entity. The tool creates a file named data.xml (contained in a zip file).

The format of data.xml isn’t ready to be imported into Excel, but you can run this project (a .NET console app) to transform data.xml into a tab-delimited text file that you can import into Excel.


Export data: Configuration Migration tool

  1. Run DataMigrationUtility.exe. Select the "Create schema" option. Click Continue.
  2. Login to the CRM organization.
  3. Select a solution (Default Solution is fine) and then select an entity.
  4. Select one or more fields to export for the selected entity. (This utility supports only one entity at a time.)
  5. Click "Save and Export”. On this step, you are saving an XML schema file. Save the xml file to any folder. You might want to keep the file if you want to export the same entity/fields at a later time.
  6. After saving the schema file, the tool asks whether you want to export data. Select Yes.
  7. In the "Save to data file" field at the top of the screen, specify a path and file name for the zip file. Your exported data will be stored in the specified zip file.
  8. Click the Export Data button.
  9. Wait for the export to complete. You can then close the application.

Transform XML for Excel Import (using this project's application)

  1. Extract the zip file that the Configuration Migration tool created.
  2. Run DMUTransformer.exe (this project). Specify the full path to the data.xml file that was extracted in the zip file. Press Enter.
  3. The tool writes out a new tab-delimited file to the same folder as data.xml.
  4. Open Excel and import the file.

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